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PROMO 2017


released May 15, 2017

Words and music by Overdose
Recorded by Jonas Pedersen @ Cryptan studios
Mixing, mastering and ambient by Jonas Pedersen
Cover art by Paradisloffe



all rights reserved


OVERDOSE Malmö, Sweden

compulsive idiots going nowhere fast

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Track Name: Pep talk bullshit
Toss and turn in my sleep, I wake up and feel like shit
I don’t need you to cheer me up, you only make me sick
“Try to stay positive”; the last thing that I need to hear
I wanna bash you smug face in and barge on through the day

You can't help me
Whatever you say
I owe you nothing
Don’t stand in my way

Know-it-all asshole, your opinion don't mean shit
A lecture from a self help book, I rather stab my ears
You don’t care about me, so why do you pretend?
Life will suck a little less if you don't bother me

Fuck your pep-talk, fuck your bullshit, fuck you
Pep-talk bullshit
Track Name: Don't believe the hype
Another fad is over now they’re on to the next
Trendy kids that play dress up in glossy magazines
The last of the idiots is yet to be born
Don't believe the hype

Subculture as a stepping stone, for the glory hounds/hogs
Who piss on the roots as they reach for the fruits
Bootlickers among the cultural elite
We've seen all before, they don't amount to shit

You have none
You fucking trendoid

You’ve got no talents, got no passion, nothing new to say
Dying to be famous but you can’t figure out for what
Shit talk is all you got, all you do is stir shit up
All your “fans” will get fed up

The last of the idiots is yet to be born
Don't believe the hype, don’t believe the fucking hype
Track Name: Arms race
A global death threat, no one is safe
World war stalemate in the nuclear age
Territorial pissings, they'll send in the drones
To trample the third world for the last drops of oil

Death before dishonour through mutual destruction
They’ll nuke us all to pieces with no hesitation
There's no turning back, they’ll kill us all

Our foreign policies driven solely by fear
Starting an arms race that no one can win
The future of warfare is mankind's demise
There'll be world peace when everyone's dead

Everyone is gonna burn to death We're fucked
Track Name: Shell shock
Choke on pain, Choke on hate
Life is futile and i’m wasting away
Glass half empty, broken on the floor
Gaze at the ceiling - no use in getting up

Sick of crowds, sick of parties
It all makes me feel uncomfortable
I smile and nod and laugh at the jokes
It all feels pointless - and i’d rather be alone

Shell shocked by everyday life
Beaten down and barely getting by

I drag my feet through the urban blight
Barefoot for miles over broken glass
And time flies by before my weary eyes
I gaze at the sundown - feel the pendulum swing

Shell shocked by everyday life
Beaten down and barely getting by
Shell shocked shell shocked shell shocked
By everyday life

There's a constant deadlock inside my head
Some days i feel like i’m better of dead
Other days I feel okay at most
Maybe tomorrow won't get any worse